How to Download Digimon RPG

Digimon's online role-playing game is free to play and provides family-friendly, nonviolent entertainment. (See References 1.) If you want to download the Digimon RPG, you might have trouble finding the correct download file. "Digimon RPG" is a Korean language game, but an English version was released in the U.S. in 2010. To distinguish the two products, the English edition's name was changed to "Digimon Battle Online." The gameplay still features the same RPG elements as the Korean edition. If you know where to look for the "Digimon Battle Online" RPG, you can download the correct software in just a few minutes.

Turn on your computer, open your Internet browser and visit (See Resources 2.) This is the official site for "Digimon Battle Online."

Click "Are You New?" in the upper-right corner of the main page. This redirects you to a sign-up page for "WeMade Entertainment," the company behind the "Digimon Online Battle" RPG.

Enter your desired ID, e-mail address, password, a preferred WeMade forum nickname and the verification code found at the bottom of the page. If the verification code is unreadable, click "Change Image" for a fresh code.

Click the "Confirm" button at the bottom of the page.

Check your e-mail for an activation link. Click this link to confirm your new account. When confirmed, you are automatically logged in and redirected to the main WeMade site.

Visit again. You should still be logged in. Your screen name appears on the upper-right side of the screen. If you do not see your screen name, enter your user name and password in the box provided.

Click the button labelled "Now Free Download," found on the left side of the screen.

Click on the "Go" button underneath the "Digimon World Client Download" heading.

Click "Save File" to download the file to your computer's download folder. A progress bar appears on the screen. When the progress bar fills, "Digimon Battle Online" is downloaded to your PC, ready for installation and gameplay.


If you want to download the original Korean version of "Digimon RPG," visit (See Resources 2.) Click the green button in the upper-right corner to register with the site and download the "Digimon RPG."

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