How Can I Make a Flyer With Tear-Off Strips?

Updated April 07, 2017

When you have an item to sell or a service to offer, placing a flyer with tear-off strips in a public location, such as a post office lobby or grocery store notice board, is an inexpensive way to get your message out. Newspaper classified ads can be disproportionately pricey and Internet ads may reach a much wider audience than you desire, so creating your own flyer with tear-off strips may be your best low-risk option.

Create a new document in your word processing program. For the top three-fourths of the page, describe your item or service. Choose a large size for your headline font, and then choose a coordinating font in a smaller size for the body of your description. If you are asking a particular price, make sure to make that price bold and large enough to be readable at a distance.

Once you have finished the body of the ad, insert a table after the bottom of your text that is long enough to reach to the end of the page. The table should have one row and 10 to 12 columns, depending on the number of tear-off strips you desire.

Fill in the fields in the table with a short summary of your item and service and contact information, such as "Guitar Lessons - 732-555-1234" or "Dog Crate -" Highlight the text in the fields only -- not the main body of your ad -- and in the formatting menu, look for an option to change the text direction. You want the text to run vertically, perpendicular to your main body text. In Microsoft Word, you click "Format" and then "Text Direction," and then choose if you'd like the text to face right or left. Make any necessary edits to the text to make it fit nicely in the fields.

Print the number of copies of your flyer you'd like. Cut the lines of the table which separate each field of the table. These are your tear-off strips.

Post your flyer where you like.


Make sure to get permission to hang flyers, as some businesses or offices may require prior approval for them. The manufacturer of your word processing program may offer free templates for flyers with tear-off strips, so visit its website.

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