How to Make Your Own Clown Outfit

Written by joe turner | 13/05/2017
How to Make Your Own Clown Outfit
You can be as creative as you want with the design of your costume. ( Images)

Making your own clown outfit can seem difficult and it is all too easy to waste your money on a ready-made outfit. With a little creative thinking and by knowing where to look, you can put together an outfit at no considerable cost. Whether you are attending a fancy dress party or providing entertainment at a children's birthday bash, your DIY clown outfit is sure to be a treat.

Find some oversized clothes. Baggy clothing is the foundation of any clown costume. Borrow clothing from friends and family or visit a local thrift store. Find trousers that are several sizes too big and use braces to hold them up. Pad your oversized shirt and trousers with pillows or cushions to give your costume an over-the-top, jolly feel. Just remember, the brighter the better, so keep an eye out for clothes that are colourful or have an unusual pattern.

Invest in a pair of clown shoes. Pick up a cheap pair of shoes, several sizes too big, from a local store. Decorate the shoes to look like clown shoes by painting a pair of canvas shoes or boots in bright colours. Alternatively, purchase a pair of bowling shoes, as their design will suit your clown outfit perfectly.

Choose your accessories. Look for patterned socks, bows, ties, belts, flowers, horns and anything else you like. Make your outfit as colourful and outrageous as possible; let your imagination run wild.

Wear a large wig or hat. The same rules apply; you are looking for the biggest and brightest you can find. Alternatively, you may also opt for a baldheaded wig, which can be just as entertaining.

Apply face make-up. Simply apply a base coat of white face paint for the background, and then paint the cheeks and nose red. Paint around the lips to make them seem larger than they are and draw on high-pointed eyebrows. Ask a friend or family member to help you with this stage.

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