How to Troubleshoot a Stanley Electric Garage Door Opener

Updated February 21, 2017

Stanley stopped manufacturing garage door openers in 1997. It is still possible for homeowners to have a Stanley garage door opener in their homes, however. Common issues with a garage door opener are the failure to go up or down when you press the remote. Fortunately, you can troubleshoot these issues before you decide to have a repair technician come in to repair the broken unit.

Check the circuit breaker that controls the garage or garage door opener. If it is tripped or in the "off" position, turn it back on and test.

Trace the electrical cord extending from the main control box mounted on the ceiling to the location where it plugs in. Usually, this is to an electrical socket installed in the ceiling or to an outlet on the wall. Unplug the cord and plug a known working appliance into the outlet and test. If the appliance does not work, the outlet is faulty. If it works, continue troubleshooting.

Replace the extension cord if the outlet is on the wall. If the unit works with a different extension cord, the cord was faulty, if not, continue troubleshooting.

Replace the batteries in the remote control with new batteries and test again. If it still does not work, move on.

Locate the wall-mounted control and attempt to use it. If the wall mounted control works, the remote is defective and you need a new one. If it does not work, continue to troubleshoot.

Inspect the sensors mounted to the vertical track approximately 12 to 24 inches off the ground. If you have any obstructions in the way, it can cause the garage door opener to fail. Remove obstructions and retest.


If troubleshooting fails, consult a repair centre because the main unit may be defective.

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