How to Make Things With Drift Wood & Sea Shells

Updated February 21, 2017

Create a quintessential ocean-themed craft using wave-worn driftwood and eye-catching seashells. Put your beach finds to good use by turning them into a decorative craft items, such as a mobile, which you can display anywhere in your home. You can also give the mobile crafts to beach-loving friends and loved ones as charming gifts. When creating the crafts, choose seashells that are in good condition and that feature intricate patterns and shapes. Be sure to thoroughly rinse and dry your seaside finds before crafting with them.

Position two similar-size pieces of driftwood into an "X" formation.

Fasten the pieces of driftwood together by wrapping the area where they cross with craft wire.

Cut four 4-inch, four 6-inch and four 8-inch pieces of ribbon or twine.

Attach small seashells to the ribbon or twine using a hot glue gun. Space the seashells one inch apart, allowing a 2-inch space at the top of each piece of ribbon or twine.

Tie three seashell-enhanced pieces of ribbon or twine to each of the four driftwood sides to create the mobile. Stagger the lengths to create a varied look.

Things You'll Need

  • 2 pieces of driftwood
  • Craft wire
  • (4) 4-inch, (4) 6-inch and (4) 8-inch pieces of ribbon or twine
  • Various small seashells
  • Hot glue gun
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