How to Install an MSP File

Updated April 17, 2017

The Windows Installer Patch or MSP file is a file created by Microsoft that is used to provide updates to Microsoft products usually having to do with security. On occasion, some MSP files may not install with the Windows update. If you need these files, you can manually install them through the command prompt. You will need to have administrator privileges and know where the MSP file is stored on your hard drive.

Click "Start." Type "Cmd" into the "Search" bar and press "Enter."

Type "cd " into the command prompt. Remove the quotes. Replace "Drive Letter" with the corresponding drive that holds the MSP file you want to install.

Type "msiexec.exe /update .msp /l*v "updates.log" into the command prompt and press "Enter." Replace "Filename" with the name of the MSP file you want to install.

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