How to Use Game Cards on "Roblox"

Written by t.m. wit | 13/05/2017

A "Roblox" game card is a card you purchase online or at a Toys R Us store. The card contains "Roblox" credits you can redeem for Robux or at the Builder's Club. Builder's club credits will allow you to purchase new building blocks and materials for your place. Get new items for your robot with Robux. To use your "Roblox" game card, you must have a "Roblox" account to apply the credits to.

Navigate to the "Roblox" game card page.

Log in to your "Roblox" account

Scratch off the section on the back of the game card that reveals your code.

Enter the code at the "Roblox" game card redemption page, and then click "Redeem." Your "Roblox" account will now be loaded with the credits from the game card.

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