How to Make a Beaded Basket

Updated April 17, 2017

Beaded baskets are common craft projects that can be both functional and decorative. Beaded baskets can be a solid colour or have fancy designs of multiple colours and patterns. Beaded baskets can be used to carry small items like loose change, or even large items like school books. Despite how complex it might seem, making a beaded basket is a simple process that nearly anyone can do.

Tie a knot in the end of your fishing line so the beads will not fall off. If beads keep falling off tie your knot multiple times.

Slide six of your seed beads onto the fishing line. Pull the fishing line into a circle so that the line just outside of your last bead touches the knot at the start of your fishing line. Cut the fishing line about one inch from where the fishing line meets and use the excess to tie the ends of the fishing line together to make a circle. Cut off any excess fishing line.

Use the ladder stitch -- a basic beading stitch -- to attach two beads to each of the beads in your first circle of beads, positioning the beads so that there is a bead flush with the bead before it, and a bead in between the two inner beads.

Add rows of beads to your basket or bag using the ladder stitch until you reach your desired height. To determine how tall a finished basket will be, place an object in the centre of the bag and pull the edges up until they touch.

Tie a knot in the end of the fishing line once you have finished adding the beads. Cut the excess fishing line and slip the unbeaded line between one of the beads and tie it onto the line. Measure at least one hand's width of fresh line using the knot you tied as a base and cutting the other end. Tie the loose end onto the fishing line a few beads away from the first knot to form your handle.


To make a bag that has a box or purse shape, use the ladder stitch to make the base or the bottom. To add height to the bag, use the ladder stitch and add only one bead to each existing bead instead of two.

Things You'll Need

  • One yard of fishing line
  • Seed beads of desired size and colour
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