How to Create Your Own MagiQuest Wand

Updated February 21, 2017

MagiQuest is an interactive, live-action game where the player takes on the role of a Magi. Players walk through a "kingdom" divided into different realms and interact with objects and videos with their wands. MagiQuest wands are specific to the MagiQuest games and cannot be constructed at home. You can adorn any of the seven wands available, however, with many different toppers and designs. There are seven design kits available and 16 different toppers that will make your wand individual to you.

Choose the design kit that matches your clan or choose one that matches the colour of your wand. The seven choices are the Woodsy, Majestic, Adventure, Ice, Warrior, Trixter or Shadow.

Choose a topper. Each topper has one-of-a-kind abilities and can add to the strength of your wand and also unlock additional quests above the basic Book of Wisdom.

Place the fabric cover over your original wand by sliding it into the cover.

Unscrew the gold ball on the end of your wand and screw in the wand topper in the same place.

Attach the chains, tassels and charms that are with the kit you picked.

Add any clan runes or quest runes that you have to show what clan you are and the quests you have completed. You can also add adventure runes and collector runes to enhance the strength of your wand.


Complete your MagiQuest experience with a costume. MagiQuest offers belts, tunics and capes to add to the feel of the game.


Do not attempt to disassemble your MaqiQuest wand to make a new one. There is a sensor inside so when you flick or point your wand in the game the sensor connects and the game recognises the wand. If you break the sensor, your wand is no good in the game, and you will have to purchase a new one to play.

Things You'll Need

  • Wand
  • Design kit
  • Wand topper
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