Fun Way to Ask Someone to Be a Godparent

Updated April 17, 2017

Asking someone to take care of your kids in the event that, God forbid, you should die or become unable to care for them is no laughing matter. However, if the potential godparents of your new little one have just as much of a sense of humour as you do, asking them in a non-traditional humorous way takes some of the seriousness out of the matter. Godparents share the joy and excitement of raising your kids. Show them there's more to it than solely wondering whether or not you will leave them to care for your offspring by giving them a laugh while making your official request.

Purchase several items from your local discount dollar store or supercenter. Gather stereotypical items to represent milestones of a child's life including a baby rattle, a pair of baby shoes, a diploma and car keys. Package each of the items separately in a small gift bag. Purchase an extra bag and a note card for the final reveal.

Write corresponding reasons the items would be used, with a marker, on the outside of each bag. Note how the rattle is "for keeping him quiet," the shoes are "for you catching his first steps and us missing them" and the car keys are "for his driver's license that you will help him get cause we'll be too terrified to do it ourselves." Add as many milestones as you want, customising them to your own common family traditions or baby's special moments.

Invite the potential godparents over for a meal. Enjoy the evening as usual, entertaining them. Wait until the end of the meal, perhaps during dessert to present them with the bags. Set out each bag in increasing order by occurrence by age (rattle to driver's license). Allow them to read the bags first then pull out the item.

Take photos of their confused faces and don't say anything to lead them on to what you're doing. Give them the last bag that read "Forever, cause no matter what happens, we'd rather you do it" on the outside of it. Let them pull out a note or card from you in that bag that reads, "With all the responsibilities we'll have raising this little one, we'll need some help. Will you be the Godparents?"

Ask them again to make clear that you want them as godparents to your child. Enjoy the rest of the evening chatting and making plans.

Things You'll Need

  • Baby rattle,
  • Pair of baby shoes
  • Mock diploma
  • Car keys
  • Small gift bag
  • Marker
  • Note card
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