How to Write in a Straight Line on Unlined Stationary

Updated February 21, 2017

Some of the most elegant stationery comes unlined, since lines interfere with the decorative design or the overall look of the paper. This can make writing neatly difficult if you are accustomed to writing on lined paper such as notebook paper or lined stationery. Use a simple technique to keep your lines of writing straight.

Place the edge of a piece of extra paper across the top of a sheet of unlined stationery, just above where you want to write the first line. This is your guide paper. Adjust it so the line goes straight across the page, and only the top of the page is covered by the guide paper.

Write your first line of text under the edge of the paper, so the tops of the capital letters meet the edge of the guide paper.

Remove the piece of guide paper. Use your first written line as a guide for your next line. Keep the tops of your capital letters the same distance from the letters above them, across the entire line.

Finish writing the letter, spacing each line evenly and continuing to use each previous line as a guide for the next.


If you would prefer to continue using the guide paper, simply move it down to where you want the top of your next line to be.

Things You'll Need

  • Extra sheet of paper
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