How to fix a pushed in tweeter dome

A pushed in, or dented, tweeter dome can seriously affect the sound of your speaker. Tweeter domes that are torn or severely creased should be replaced. Paper and other soft domes can be brought back into shape using a vacuum cleaner. If the paper is not creased, the sound should return to near normal after repair. Creases in a tweeter dome will cause distortion at high frequencies.

Prepare the speaker by removing the speaker cover. Find an empty toilet paper roll. Remove any small pieces of toilet paper that remain on the roll and trim any frayed edges with scissors.

Detach the cleaning hose from a vacuum cleaner. Remove any attached cleaning tools, such as an upholstery brush or crevice wand. Clear away any dust or debris on the end of the vacuum hose.

Turn on the vacuum cleaner. Hold the toilet paper roll in one hand and position it directly above the tweeter dome as close as possible without touching the speaker. Hold the vacuum hose in the other hand and bring the suction end into contact with the end of the toilet paper roll.

Bring the vacuum closer to the end of the toilet paper roll until the air pressure above the speaker. Continue using the vacuum until tweeter dome to pops up and back to its original position. Remove the hose away from the speaker and turn off the vacuum as soon as the tweeter dome pops up.


Check the suction of the vacuum hose to make sure nothing is blocking the hose. Maximum vacuum power will make the job easier.


Never allow the end of the vacuum hose to make contact with the speaker. Avoid making contact with the speaker's surface and the paper roll. The repair can be attempted without a paper roll between the vacuum hose and the tweeter dome, but this requires a very steady hand. Hold the vacuum hose end close to the tweeter dome without touching the speaker. Do not use tape to try to lift a tweeter dome back into position. The tape can tear the dome or leave residue behind which will adversely affect the sound.

Things You'll Need

  • Vacuum cleaner with detachable hose
  • Toilet paper roll
  • Scissors
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