How to Protect a Window in a Shower

Updated February 21, 2017

Having a window in a bathroom is a definite gift. The bathroom is where most people complete their morning routines and having warm sunlight flood your face and body as you get ready for the day is truly a wonderful experience. However, having a bathroom in a shower can pose a problem. The water can quickly rust the metal frames of the window, rot the wooden window sill and stain the glass. Luckily, protecting this important architectural detail is rather easy.

Position a tension rod horizontally and 6 inches above the window. Twist one end of the tension rod to tighten the rod against the two walls that frame the window.

Test the tension rod for sturdiness by trying to shake it very gently. It should feel absolutely stable.

Attach shower curtain rings to the shower curtain rod. Attach a clear, mildew resistant shower curtain liner to the ring, by inserting each ring into a separate hole at the top of the curtain liner.

Spread out the shower curtain liner so that it is perfectly flat. Cut the shower curtain liner all the way across so that it ends 8 inches beneath the shower windowsill. This way you've protected your window, still have all the natural light and don't have the shower curtain interfering encroaching on the rest of the space in the bathroom.

Things You'll Need

  • Tension rod
  • Shower curtain rings
  • Clear, mildew resistant shower curtain liner
  • Scissors
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