How to Make Blood Elf Eyebrows

Create the long elfin eyebrows like those of the blood elves in the online, multiplayer role playing game "World of Warcraft." In addition to their long, pointed elfin ears, the elf characters in this game have long, pointed eyebrows which extend past the face unattached. Make blood elf eyebrows for Halloween costumes, "World of Warcraft" conventions or costume parties. Save the eyebrows to reuse for other elfin and fairy costumes as well.

Coat two pieces of 6-inch floral wire with super glue. Wrap tan strips of felt around the wire. Three or four 4- or 5-inch strips should suffice. Use different felt colours if desired depending on the colours you are using to create your blood elf costume.

Seal your blood elf eyebrows by coating them in another layer of super glue. Allow them to dry.

Attach the eyebrows to your actual eyebrows using cosmetic adhesive -- the kind that comes with false eyelashes. The eyebrows should be pointing up and away from your face at an angle. If you are worried about ripping out your actual eyebrows when applying the faux ones, apply the elf eyebrows above your real ones. Paint your real eyebrows the same tan shade used for the elfin eyebrows with powder or cream eyeshadow.


Paper is an alternative to felt for blood elf eyebrows.

Things You'll Need

  • Floral wire
  • Super glue
  • Tan felt
  • Cosmetic adhesive
  • Tan powder or cream eyeshadow (optional)
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