How to Make the Background of Movie Maker White

Updated April 17, 2017

Create a white background within your Windows Media Player projects to make your title text stand out. Windows Media Player allows users to add background images in the same manner as they would music or video. Insert a white image file into Windows Media Player Collections and then into the timeline so that the default background colour is transformed into it instead.

Create a white image file within Windows Paint. Clicking "Start," then type "Paint" into the search field and click "Paint" from the results that appear in the list. Click "File," "Save As" and enter "White background image" into the Filename section of the screen, then click "Save." A blank white image will be stored to your hard drive.

Open Windows Movie Maker. Click "Start," type "Movie Maker" into the search field, then click on it from the results that appear as a result of the search. Click "File," "Open" and select a pre-existing project file to be opened from the list.

Import the white image file into the Windows Movie Maker Collections folder. Click "File," "Import into collections" and navigate to the location on your hard drive where you stored the blank white image, then click "Import."

Click "Tools," "Options" and then "Advanced." Set the amount of time that the background image is to be shown by entering it into the "Picture Duration" box on this screen, then click "OK."

Click "Transitions," "Imported Media" and then drag the white image file onto the location on the story board where you want it to appear within the video file. Click "File" and "Save" to store the video project file with the white background to your hard drive.

Things You'll Need

  • Windows Paint
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