How to Make a Wasp Nest

Updated March 23, 2017

A wasp nest can house thousands of wasps, and removing one usually requires help from a professional exterminator. There are ways to handle a wasp problem on your own, however, such as making a fake wasp nest and hanging it near your home. The fake nest works because it creates the impression of another colony living nearby, causing the wasps, which are territorial and do not like coexisting with other colonies, to vacate. Most wasp nests look like round, brownish-grey, paper-like masses. A way to recreate one is to stuff a brown paper bag with newspaper, attach a string to hang it and hang it outside, near your home. This will cause wasps to leave the area and find somewhere else to colonise.

Crumple up pieces of newspaper into ball shapes. If you don't have newspaper, any type of old paper will suffice. Just make sure the wads are large enough to fill a paper bag.

Place the newspaper ball into a plastic shopping bag. Tie the bag to close it.

Stuff the paper-filled plastic bag into a brown lunch bag.

Tie the bag with a piece of twine. Secure the twine tightly on the bag by wrapping it around the top and tying it into a knot. This will keep it from coming loose when you hang the bag. Leave a long piece of twine out before tying the knot, so that you can hang the bag from a tree.


To make the nest's colour more characteristic of a true wasp nest, cover the brown bag with grey paint before stuffing it. Instead of stuffing the brown bag with paper, you can blow in it to fill it with air and then tie it with the twine.

Things You'll Need

  • Twine
  • Small brown paper bag
  • Newspaper
  • Plastic grocery bag
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