How to Groom a Parson Russell Terrier

Many know the Parson Russell Terrier by its former name, the Jack Russell Terrier. Their coats are usually at least half white with markings of tan, reddish black and brown (these markings are especially pronounced in the head and tail). Give your Parson Russell Terrier a full grooming every 8 to 10 weeks and a general grooming about twice per month.

Brush the coat regularly with a natural bristle brush. Parson Russell Terriers have one of two types of coat, either Smooth or Broken. The Smooth coat is wiry, flat, bristly and thick. The Broken is short, with a dense undercoat and a firm jacket which lies close to the body. Brushing improves the look of the coat and removes excess dirt and debris.

Use metal combs to work through any tangles. Leave the coat with a natural look and avoid over-styling a Parson Russell Terrier's coat.

Tidy up the coat with scissors by trimming stray hairs which may pop up. Since this dog has a short coat, excess hair can be very visible.

Bathe your Parson Russell Terrier only when absolutely necessary. After bathing and drying, apply a small amount of conditioning gloss to the coat for extra shine.


The Parson Russell Terrier has a life expectancy of at least 15 years. You can hand strip both the Broken and Smooth coats. Seek professional help for this if you aren't trained, or have someone show you how to do it properly.


Some Parson Russell Terriers are susceptible to dislocation of the kneecaps, inherited eye diseases, deafness and Legg Perthes, a disease of the hip joints in small breeds of dogs.

Things You'll Need

  • Natural bristle brush
  • Metal combs
  • Scissors
  • Conditioning gloss
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