How to Get a Sharp Crease in Pants With Ironing

A sharp crease down the front of your trousers looks professional and neat. "Esquire" style consultant Nick Sullivan notes that as long as your trousers aren't made from a casual fabric, such as khaki, a crease is the way to go. You can achieve a sharp crease with the proper ironing technique. Taking the time to iron your trousers properly can help you project a strong image at a job interview, at work or at other high-profile events.

Fill your iron with water, if it has the capacity for steam. Steam helps to relax the fabric for the sharpest possible crease when cooled.

Plug in your iron and dial it to the proper heat setting for the trousers fabric. More delicate fabrics, such as silk blends, will need less heat to create a sharp crease, while denser fabrics, such as cotton, can withstand more heat.

Hold the trousers lengthwise and match the inseam of one pant leg to the inseam of the other leg. Lay the trousers on the ironing board with the outseam of one of the legs facing upward.

Press the iron to the trousers and work down the pant leg, starting at the mid-thigh mark. If your iron has the capacity, use steam to heat the fabric by hovering the iron over the trousers as you depress the steam button, and then continue to iron. Allow the fabric to cool slightly.

Flip the trousers over to the other side and repeat the process. Fold the trousers in half at the knee and hang immediately.

Things You'll Need

  • Iron
  • Ironing board
  • Water
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