How to Tie Bamboo

Bamboo is a tough, fast-growing grass plant that can reach heights of 100 feet. More than 1,400 varieties of bamboo grow naturally between the Arctic Sea and the Indian Ocean in moist soils. Bamboo is not native to the United States but is grown for ornamental and utilitarian purposes. Gardeners who grow bamboo can harvest some of the shoots for trellises, beanpoles or fences. Trellises and fences can be made by lashing bamboo shoots together with twine or binding yarn.

Cross two separate bamboo shoots at the point where you would like to lash them. Set the crossed shoots on a table. Ensure that the point where the shoots overlap is off the surface of the table for easy lashing.

Cut four feet of twine of binding yarn. Touch the ends of the piece together and find the centre.

Lay the centre of the twine over the bottom shoot just above the point where the shoots overlap. Cross the twine underneath the bottom shoot and pull the ends forward. Stretch both ends of the twine over the corresponding side of the top shoot. Cross the twine behind the bottom shoot. Loop both ends over the top of the bottom shoot just under the point where the shoots overlap. Pull the ends back under and cross again. Repeat four times.

Tie a double knot on the last back cross of the lashing.

Things You'll Need

  • Table
  • Scissors
  • Garden twine or binding yarn
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