How to Transfer Pictures From a Photo Gallery to a Flash Drive

An easy way to transport photos is by using a flash drive, otherwise called a thumb drive, pen drive, memory stick or USB drive. These drives are portable, and they can hold many more photos than you might think. They are commonly available in 16GB and even 32GB sizes. When image files typically fall in the two-to-five-megabyte range, that flash drive will hold a lot of pictures, and getting the images from the online photo gallery to the flash drive is usually quite easy.

Right-click a picture in the photo gallery.

Select "Save Image As" and enter the name you would like to give the picture.

Browse for the flash drive in the centre pane of the "Save As" dialogue box. Usually, it is assigned the letter "E" as its drive label. It will appear in "My Computer" as the E:\ drive.

Click "Save" at the bottom right of the dialogue box.

Repeat for every desired picture in the photo gallery.


If the photos are intentionally blocked for "Save As" by the website, you may have trouble saving them to a flash drive. In this instance, you have to right-click the page, select "View Source" and try to find the individual picture URLs. If they are not to be found, or the gallery is a flash gallery, you are probably out of luck.

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