How to Install Sounds for the Miroslav Philarmonik

Updated April 17, 2017

The Miroslav Philharmonik is a sample player that lets you play back samples of a large orchestra and choir. The sample library works on IK Multimedia's existing SampleTank architecture, and users can load the Miroslav samples into the SampleTank sample player. The Philharmonik is a way to expand a user's sound palette past synthesised sounds and bring in samples of real acoustic instruments to liven up electronic compositions.

Use your operating system's search function (Spotlight in Mac OSX and Search in Windows 7) to find the instrument folder of your instrument sample pack. A folder named "Instruments" contains the new library for the Philharmonik. Unless you specify otherwise, the instruments are installed in the Miroslav Philharmonik application folder when you install the Miroslav Philharmonik.

Open the Miroslav Philharmonik player and select the "Prefs" button, located in the lower right-hand corner of the "Instruments" list, to open up the "Preferences" window.

Click on "Browse" to open up a file menu and navigate to the "Instruments" folder you located in Step 1. Select the Instruments folder. Click "OK" or "Choose," depending on your operating system. This points your Miroslav Philharmonik player to a new folder from which it now plays these samples.

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