How to Make a Drop-Down List to Choose a Date in Excel

Written by carter mcbride | 13/05/2017

Microsoft Excel is a spreadsheet program that allows you to create and manipulate data and formulas. One useful function is creating a drop-down list. When you create a drop-down list, whenever you click on the list, it drops down and displays all the information in the list. When it is not clicked on, you can set what the drop down list says. This is especially useful if you are using many dates.

Type the dates into Excel. Put each date in a separate cell.

Highlight the cells and then in the upper, left side of Excel, type "Dates" into the box that has the cell address in it.

Click on the cell in which you want the drop-down list.

Click on the "Data" tab, then click "Data Validation." A window will pop up.

Click "Settings."

Select "List" in the "Allow" group.

Type "Dates" in the source box. This makes your list these days.

Check "In-cell drop-down" check-box.

Click "OK."

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