How to Create My Own Alphabet Letter Template

Updated February 21, 2017

Block letter templates have useful applications in education, advertising and design. Children can trace alphabet shapes with their fingers or writing utensils in preschool or kindergarten as they learn to write letters. Reusable alphabet stencils save time and control quality in signs and banners for advertisements, celebrations or notice boards. You can create your own alphabet letter templates with a word processing program and standard office supplies.

Select the desired font in your word processing program, or use a font from the resources at the end of this article. Simple fonts are best, as they are easier to cut out and trace.

Enlarge the font to the desired size. Type the entire alphabet, using lower- and upper-case letters, to make templates for children to use. If you only need letters for a specific message, type the desired message as you'd like it to appear on your poster, banner or ad.

Print out the letters on cardstock. If your printer is prone to jamming with thicker paper, print the letters on printer paper, cut them out and trace them onto cardstock.

Place the cardstock on a mat-cutting board and cut out the letters with a craft knife. If making negative stencils or templates for children to trace, save the cut-out letters. If making stencils to paint on to make coloured letters, save the outline around the letter.


When cutting out stencils for letters with windows (A, B and D, for example), leave a thin line of cardstock connecting the window to the outer edge of the letter. This will prevent the window from falling out of the stencil when you cut out the outer edge.

Things You'll Need

  • Cardstock
  • Craft knife
  • Mat-cutting board
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