How to install the norton internet explorer toolbar

Updated February 21, 2017

Norton antivirus software protects your computer against viruses and spyware it might be exposed to when you browse the Web. Part of the Norton Internet Security software is a toolbar that installs in Internet Explorer and Firefox. If you aren't seeing the Norton toolbar on your preferred Internet browser and you have already installed the Norton software, it could be that you just need to make the toolbar visible.

Install the Norton antivirus software. The Norton toolbar will install automatically for Internet Explorer.

Right-click the main toolbar in Internet Explorer and then select the "Norton" add-on if the toolbar is not showing. Click "Enable" to enable to add-ons.

Restart your browser.


The toolbar did have some compatibility problems with IE9, but these were fixed with a patch in 2008. Keep your Norton software updated for the latest patches---updates are free for anyone with a valid Norton subscription.

Things You'll Need

  • Norton Internet Security
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