How to Make a Mine Cart Go Uphill

Updated July 20, 2017

Minecarts are the quickest form of transportation in the popular mining game "Minecraft." Players can build rail lines to connect different points on the map for travel with a minecart. There is one type of rail called powered rail that gives minecarts a boost when the player travels over them. By placing strips of powered rail on a slope, the minecart will gather enough momentum to climb up hills.

Build the path you want your minecart track to go on. Cobblestone is the easiest material to obtain to build the base for your rail line. Each track only requires a one-block wide strip to lay on.

Place your regular rail lines on the path leading up to the hill. Regular rail is built by placing iron ingots on the left and right sides of the crafting window, with a stick in the middle space.

Build as many powered rail as you need for the length of the hill. Powered rail uses gold bars on the outside instead of iron, and a redstone dust below the stick.

Place the powered rail on every block up the hill. It will automatically connect itself to the rails next to it.

Build a redstone torch by placing a redstone dust on top of a stick. Place the torch on a block underneath one of the powered rails. This will turn on all the powered rail connected to it as long as the torch is placed there. If your hill is longer than 15 blocks, you will need to break it up into segments of 15 powered rail, followed by three regular rail and power each section individually because the current will only travel 15 spaces.


You can use a detector rail to power the rail instead of a redstone torch, but it is somewhat less effective due to lag.

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