How to Design a Go Kart Track

Updated April 17, 2017

Go kart tracks are popular attractions for all age groups. When designing a go kart track, you need to consider a few things. Think about the size of your facilities, the level of racetrack you intend to create and how complex you want the circuit to be. Designing a go kart track is relatively simple. Highlight all the features of your designs, and for each track, label the pit stops and where the track might take a different route.

Research go kart tracks online. Investigate the different types of go kart tracks you can find around the world. Analyse the difference between an advanced track and a beginner one. This will help inspire your own go kart track designs.

Pick up your graph paper. Using graph paper will help get all of the proportions of your track equal and symmetrical. Sketch a simple oval-shaped go kart track. Draw a large oval that covers almost the width and length of the track. In the centre, draw an small oval that replicates the shape of the track. Outline this oval with circular shapes to represent car tires, which act as great bumpers on go kart tracks. Draw an arrow and label the size of both ovals in feet. Sketch a rectangle that fits inside the longer side of the oval. This will be the pit stop. Label it clearly.

Develop your go kart track designs. Take another piece of paper and sketch a loopy spiral. Draw a line that curves at least four times around the page. Follow the line to complete the track. Include four straight sections of the track that then bend dramatically or slightly. Adding a variation of curves will add a different level to your go kart track. Draw a rectangular section on a straight section of the track. Weave this rectangle into the track to add the pit stop. Draw a line close on the straight section of the track to indicate the start and finish. Sketch tire circles around the end of the entire track to include a safety feature in your design.

Design an intermediate go kart track. Pick up another piece of paper and sketch the figure eight. Outline this shape with a line following around the shape. Make sure the roads are symmetrical in width. Sketch the lines straight and include an oval-shaped pit stop attached to a section of the straight part of the track. Next to this, draw a line to indicate the start and finish. Draw tires inside the inner circles and using a ruler include the length in feet of each section of the track.

Add details and design features to your race tracks. Outline each of your designs with a thick black marker and highlight clearly all the measurements of your design. Clearly note where the bumper tires are placed and the pit stop. Colour in the start and finish line in a black-and-white checkered pattern. Add flag posts at each dangerous bend to let the driver know what is in front of him.


Detail and measurements are key when designing a go kart racetrack, so always highlight every section of the design. Experiment and keep sketching go kart designs until you have a good selection to work from.


Safety is important in go kart racing. In your design, try not to design any tracks that are too dangerous and complicated.

Things You'll Need

  • Graph paper
  • Pencil
  • Ruler
  • Pen
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