How to train a bulldog not to hump humans

Updated November 21, 2016

Stop your bulldog from humping your leg by discovering the cause of the behaviour and acting appropriately. In young bulldogs, humping is a natural behaviour that both males and females will practice during play. However, in older bulldogs humping your leg can be a sign of dominance or excitement. It also can be a sexual behaviour. The bulldog is a wilful breed, so you must be patient and consistent in the discouragement of humping behaviour to see results.

Have your bulldog spayed or neutered if you do not plan to breed it. This will help to prevent your dog from becoming frustrated if he is not allowed to mate. Do not allow your dog to breed to remove its frustration as you may struggle to find good homes for the litter of puppies that are born as a result. Neutering can also help your dog to behave less aggressively and eliminate the risk of your dog developing testicular cancer.

Show your bulldog that you are the alpha male to stop it from humping you out of dominance. Feed the dog after the family finish eating. Make the bulldog sit and stay before giving food or affection. Do not allow it to sleep on your bed or jump up on furniture. Position yourself slightly in front of your dog on walks to encourage it to see you as its leader rather than its follower.

Correct your bulldog when it begins to hump your leg. Say "no" in a firm voice and snap the dog out of it by tapping it firmly on the shoulder with your fingertips. Give the dog the "lie down" command and don't turn away until it has completely surrendered and relaxed. This will stop the bulldog from going straight back into the humping action. Listen for a sigh, which shows that the dog is relaxed.

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