How to Stop a Tan From Fading

Updated April 17, 2017

Tanning is not just about achieving that perfect bronzed glow --- that's half the work. It's also about maintaining what you've got once you've reached your desired shade. With easy planning and care, a tan can be extended for weeks. The key is to keep the tanned skin hydrated so it doesn't peel and shed. This, combined with a few other tricks to keep skin looking bronzed, can give you more control over the look and shelf-life of your tan.

Exfoliate your skin. Before achieving that perfect tan, make sure the skin is properly exfoliated--- use a scrub or loofa on any skin you plan to tan. This will remove dead skin, and the tan will last longer because your skin will be less likely to peel or shed.

Use a moisturising body soap. After tanning, don't use a soap that will dry out your skin. This will cause tanned skin to dry and flake off. You want to keep that tanned skin for as long as possible. Use a moisturising soap to hydrate skin.

Keep skin moisturised. Slather lotion on tanned skin twice a day --- well-moisturised skin will shed and peel less, enabling you to retain tanned skin for longer. Hydrated skin can extend a tan for a few weeks.

Use a gradual tanning lotion. After tanning, begin using a sunless tanning lotion that builds colour gradually to counteract fading. It will keep skin moisturised while maintaining a tanned glow for as long as you use it. Plus, since it gradually adds colour to your skin, you will have more control over the look of your tan.

Use a bronzer. To add dimension and colour when a tan starts to fade, apply bronzer to the cheeks, nose and forehead. If more colour is desired, add blush to the cheeks.

Things You'll Need

  • Exfoliating loofa
  • Gradual tanning lotion
  • Bronzer
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