How to Make Fake Seashells

Seashells add touches of sea-swept decor to a well decorated home. They also serve as cute, themed pieces for jewellery and other craft creations. However, if you can't find affordable shells for your crafts, you'll need to make them on your own. Knowing how to make seashells at home involves resin-casting, but this craft gives you the opportunity to customise beautiful works of sea-inspired art.

Add 29.6ml. from each bottle in resin casting kit in a plastic cup. Resin casting kits come in packages of two different bottles. These ingredients must be added at the time of your project to create acrylic items. These kits each contain a bottle of clear cast epoxy and a bottle of "catalyst", which is used to activate the epoxy for setting into a clear hardened form. More often than not you must buy these in packages of two, but sometimes small bottles of catalyst can be found in craft stores individually.

Stir the contents of the plastic cup. Dip a disposable plastic pipette into a bottle of pigment in a colour of your choice. Don't squeeze the bulbous end of the pipette, because just dipping it into the liquid pigment is gives you enough needed for this task. Choose a sand or sable colour for a natural seashell look, or a bright colour for something whimsical.

Squeeze a drop of pigment into the cup of mixed resin from the pipette. The liquid is lighter than the resin so it will not mix. Use the disposable stirring wand to stir one time in a counter-clockwise motion. This creates a single swirl of colour in the resin.

Dump the resin into a seashell-shaped plastic, or silicone, mould. The resin is heavier than the pigment, so it still will not disturb the design once it is poured.

Place the mould aside and let it air dry for one hour. Pop the fake seashell out of the mould to reveal your design. The side of the object that was facedown in the mould will be glossy and smooth.


Obtain all of your needed materials from a craft or hobby supply store. Repeat with as many different seashell shapes and colours as you want. Use a mini hand drill to put holes in them for jewellery, or leave them as is. Spray your items with a glossing spray to enhance the shine.


Do not wear your resin-crafts until they've had at least 24 hours to fully harden.

Things You'll Need

  • Resin Casting kit
  • Plastic cup
  • Plastic stirring wand
  • Assorted resin pigments
  • Disposable plastic pipettes
  • Seashell plastic moulds
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