How to Crochet the Ripple Afghan

Updated November 21, 2016

The ripple afghan is a classic design and easy for beginning crocheters. Many different stitches can be made in the ripple style. By learning the simplest stitch first, crocheters can then move on to those more complex stitches. Use a single colour, variety of colours or a variegated or multicoloured yarn to make the ripple waves. This portable project requires only a single crochet hook and yarn, as well as a bag to carry it.

Make a slip knot at the end of the yarn. Use that loop to create the base chain by inserting the crochet hook into the loop, hooking yarn over the hook and pulling through the loop. Repeat this step for as many counts of chain loops as the instructions state to create the base of the afghan.

Turn hook toward chain. If doing a single crochet stitch, skip the first chain stitch at the end and put the hook through the second chain stitch. Hook yarn over that loop and pull through to create a new chain stitch. With two loops on the crochet hook, loop yarn over needle and pull through both loops to create a single crochet stitch. Repeat this step till you get to the number of stitches stated by the instructions and before creating the first hill or peak of the afghan.

Complete three single crochet stitches in one loop to create the peak. Continue to place a single crochet in a single loop for the number of chain stitches before creating a valley as stated in the instructions. Another method for creating the peak is to make a single crochet stitch in the next loop, then make a chain stitch, then make a single crochet stitch in the same loop. It is possible to see the top of the peak forming after this step.

Create the valley once the prescribed number of stitches have been made from the peak. Hook the yarn over the hook to create a chain stitch after the last single crochet stitch. Skip two of the chain loops and place the hook through the third loop to make a single crochet stitch. It is possible to see the valley forming after this step.

Continue through the first row in this manner. The valleys and peaks of the ripple will continue to form as stitches are increased and decreased in this manner. At the end of the row, make two chain stitches before turning back on the piece. Skip one chain and place the hook into second chain from the end to make the next single crochet stitch. Continue making the rest of the row, creating the peaks and valleys as they come along in the same order as the first row.

With each completed row, chain two stitches and skip a chain to keep the edge straight. Continue the pattern until the afghan is as long as desired. Tie off final row and pull edge through the final row.


The heavier the yarn, the bigger in size the crochet hook should be. Many yarn, craft and fabric centres hold classes for beginners in crocheting. When changing colours or moving to another skein of yarn, it is possible to add the new yarn by crocheting it either as a double piece with the old yarn or laying it flat on the top chain and crocheting around the piece to be added.


Buy enough yarn at one time to complete the project since yarn is made in groups of dye lots. Always read instructions carefully to be certain how to make the ripple pattern.

Things You'll Need

  • Instructions
  • Yarn
  • Crochet hook
  • Bag
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