How to Customize Your Own Sharingan

Updated February 21, 2017

Characters in the anime series "Naruto" unlock an ability known as the Sharingan during an emotionally traumatic experience. The Sharingan appears in a character's eyes, turning the pupils red and black, and grants a character the ability to view the flow of energy, improve his mental clarity and memorise any fighting technique he witnesses. If you wish to emulate the drama of your favourite "Naruto" scenes, create a custom Sharingan design and add it to your drawings.

Look at screenshots from the "Naruto" anime or visit fan websites to view the Sharingan seen in the show. If possible, print out a sheet of Sharingan images to use as a reference.

Draw a perfect circle using a black pen or pencil. If you are unable to draw a perfect circle freehand, use a compass.

Colour the circle red using a marker or pen. Alternatively, paint the circle red using a small paintbrush and a few drops of red paint.

Draw the pattern of the Sharingan using black ink or paint. Sharingan patterns are geometric and often include symmetry or a three-point shape. To customise a simple Sharingan, draw three circles on the outside of a red shape and a centre circle. The outside circles are evenly spaced so that one rests in the top-centre, one rests in the bottom-right and one rests in the bottom-left of the red shape.

Add the Sharingan image to a drawing of your anime character. Draw the shape of the character's eyes and draw the circular shape of the pupil. Colour the pupil red and draw the design of the Sharingan using black ink.

Things You'll Need

  • Pen or pencil
  • Compass
  • Red ink, marker or paint
  • Black ink, marker or paint
  • Paintbrush (optional)
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