How Can I Find the Combination to My Mosler Safe?

Updated March 27, 2017

Without a combination, your Mosler safe may be nothing but a large paperweight. A combination was set by the factory when you purchased your safe, however you may have forgotten or lost the combination along the way. Created in 1867, Mosler manufactured safes and bank vaults. Mosler went bankrupt in 2001 and was purchased by Diebold. Obtaining the combination to your Mosler safe will depend on your model -- and whether or not you changed the original factory code.

Follow the exact instructions provided in the owner's manual to open your Mosler safe. If your combination does not work, it could be that you are not applying it correctly.

Turn dial to the left for four full rotations before stopping at the first number in your combination. Turn dial to the right for three full rotations before stopping on the next number. Turn the dial left for two full rotations before stopping on the next number. Turn the dial to the right and stop at zero. Then, continue turning slowly right until the dial stops on its own, and the safe opens.

Try the standard factory preset combination on your Mosler safe, 50-25-50. Using the instructions above, enter in this factory code.

Contact the Mosler Safe Company at A customer service representative may be able to help you track down the factory preset based on your model number, if 50-25-50 does not work.

Hire a qualified locksmith. If you reset your safe code, you will have to hire a locksmith to open the safe for you. The locksmith can also help you reset your combination.

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