How to Clear a Blocked Filter in an Electrolux Swissline L Dishwasher

Updated February 21, 2017

For over 80 years, Electrolux has been manufacturing kitchen appliances. The Electrolux Swissline L model dishwasher has two filters -- one for food particles and one for broken glass -- and they can easily become clogged. If your Electrolux dishwasher is not draining properly or it smells a bit funky, it may be time to clean the filters. You don't need any tools to accomplish this task.

Locate the Glass Trap filter or the Large Food Particle Trap filter on the bottom of your Electrolux Swissline L dishwasher. Both filters are located toward the front of the dishwasher on the bottom. The Glass Trap filter is located in the centre of the Large Food Particle Trap.

Find the handle on the filter pull it out.

Empty the filter and then rinse it with water to remove small bits from the filter.

Slide the filter back into place inside of your Electrolux Swissline L dishwasher.

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