How to Do Pinch Braiding

You have many options when you wish to add either natural or synthetic hair extensions to your hair. One method of attaching hair extensions that does not involve clips or chemical glue is pinch braiding, which secures each small lock of hair with a special braid. After attaching the hair extensions with pinch braids, you can then continue the braids into a head full of dreads. Because it does not involve chemicals, pinch braiding may be gentler to your natural hair.

Separate out the lock of natural hair that you will use for a pinch braid Strive for a 1-inch section or smaller. Comb the hair to make it smooth and tangle-free.

Grasp the hair extension in your hands and fold it in half.

Place the folded hair extension around the natural hair section at the point where you wish to begin the pinch braid. Make one-half of the folded hair extension become the left braiding section and the other half of the folded hair extension become the right braiding section. The natural hair section will be the centre braiding section.

Cross the right braiding section tightly over the left braiding section so the natural (centre) section becomes the left braiding section. Cross the new left braiding section over the new centre braiding section tightly. This is the traditional braiding process. Continue braiding the three sections until you come to the end of the natural hair section.

Separate the two hair extension sections to make a third section to replace the natural section that ended. Continue braiding in standard fashion until you come to the ends of the hair extension sections.

Secure the pinch braid with a small elastic band.


Maintain your pinch braids according to the recommendations for the hair extensions you use. Washing frequency and the ingredients you use to wash will depend on what kind of hair extensions you have.

Things You'll Need

  • Hair extension locks
  • Small elastic bands
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