How to Make Harmless Booby Traps

A booby trap is a trap triggered by an unsuspecting victim, used to surprise or harm the person. Military booby traps are often meant to cause considerable injury or pain, but the traps described here are simply pranks that are physically harmless. That being said, your victim might experience some embarrassment. These booby traps can be pulled on family members, friends, coworkers or anyone you want to give a shock to.

Bring a large roll of cling film into the bathroom. Lift up the toilet seat lid and stretch the cling film across the toilet.

Close the lid of the toilet, and cut the cling film to match the shape of the toilet seat. Tuck any loose ends in.

Wrap cling film around the nozzle of a sink. Use fishing wire, or a thin rubber band, to secure the wrap in place. Cut the loose ends off, so the cling film is hardly visible. When your victim goes to use the toilet or sink, they will have quite a surprise in store for him.

Fill up medium to large sized water balloons to their maximum capacity.

Find a well-used entryway, and close the door so it is open just a crack. Make sure you have an alternative exit from the room you are in.

Climb a stepladder to reach the top of the door, and then gently balance the water balloons there. When your victim opens the door, they will get a cascade of water balloons falling down upon her.

Locate the salt and sugar shakers in your house, or the house of your victim.

Switch the contents of the salt shaker and sugar bowl, yet make sure you are alone when doing this. Once you are finished, the salt should be in the sugar bowl and the sugar should be in the salt shaker.

Wait patiently, and keep a straight face. Your victim will get quite a surprise when he thinks he's adding sugar to his coffee, tea or baked good.


These booby traps are intended to be completely harmless. However, the particular risks involved depend on your specific situation. If your victim is diabetic, you should not tamper with their salt and sugar. The falling water balloons could cause unintended harm if your victim is fragile, disabled or in an extremely cold location.

Things You'll Need

  • Water balloons
  • Clear cling film
  • Scissors
  • Fishing wire
  • Salt
  • Sugar
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