How to Disassemble a MacBook Pro A1286

Written by shawn m. tomlinson
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The Apple Macintosh MacBook Pro A1286 model laptop is one of the easier Mac laptops to take apart. There's still a lot to it, but because of the unibody construction and Apple's redesign of the MacBook Pro, much of the disassembly has become easier than on late model PowerBooks. To fully disassemble the A1286, you will need at least an hour and potentially more, depending upon how careful you are.

Skill level:

Things you need

  • Anti-static wristband
  • Sturdy, flat work surface
  • Clean, soft towel or cloth
  • #00 Phillips screwdriver
  • T6 Torx screwdriver
  • Spudger

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  1. 1

    Put on the anti-static wristband. This device helps to prevent you from getting shocks and helps stop you transferring static electric shocks to the delicate circuitry of the MacBook Pro. Shut down the MacBook Pro and unplug the power adaptor. Remove any USB or FireWire devices as well as any external monitor cables. Let the laptop cool off for at least half an hour if you were using it just prior to disassembly.

  2. 2

    Place the MacBook Pro on the soft cloth on the work surface closed and screen side down. Turn the Mac so the battery compartment is toward you. Push the battery cover release tab on the left, then grasp it and pull it vertically. Raise the battery cover from the part that pops up and pull it toward you. Lift it away. Take hold of the battery's plastic tab, pull it up and lift out the battery. Move left to the hard drive. Use a Phillips screwdriver to release the hard drive bracket at the fat end of drive. Lift the bracket out, then lift the drive up to detach the SATA cable. Remove the drive.

  3. 3

    Disengage all eight of the Phillips screws on the bottom case of the MacBook Pro. Four are aligned along the battery/hard drive chamber. The other four are along the edge near the screen. Remove the bottom case. Disengage five more Phillips screws on the wall piece between the battery/hard drive chamber and the rest of the MacBook Pro. Lift out this wall. Move to the upper left corner to remove the optical drive. Deroute the cable that runs along on the drive, then disengage it from the logic board. At the other end of this cable, use a Phillips screwdriver to unscrew two screws holding the camera cable bracket and take out the bracket. Use a spudger on the orange connector to the right of the optical drive. Then, unscrew one Phillips screw holding the drive near the fan. Disengage two more screws on the left side of the drive and take the drive out. Disengage all four screws holding the L-shaped speaker assembly that sits around the optical drive.

  4. 4

    Remove all the cable connectors from the part of the logic board facing upward. Start at the lower left corner and work clockwise. The first one is orange for the trackpad. At the very corner is a tiny cable that requires you to open a flap on the right to slide the cable out left. Two more, a white and black and a small connecter, are next as you move up the left side. Along the top, disengage the two fan cables. These are at the lower right corners of each fan. In the upper right corner is a diagonal connector. Move down the right side and disengage the microphone cable. Move to the left on the bottom of the logic board and disengage three more cables. Release the clips on the first two before removing them.

  5. 5

    Disengage the three Phillips screws around each of the two fans for a total of six screws. Lift out each fan. At the base of the left fan, disengage the cable connector there. Next, remove all seven of the Phillips screws that hold the logic board in place. Two are on the far left, one is between the two fans, two are to the right of the right fan, one is in the lower right corner and the final one is to the right of the RAM. Move back up to the right corner and unscrew two more Phillips screws holding the DC-in board. On the right, near the ports, disengage two Phillips screws and take out the clip, if your MacBook Pro has one.

  6. 6

    Raise the logic board up so you can disengage the battery cable connector near you. Then, flip up the board toward the hinge and disengage the last two cables. Take the logic board out, turn it over and unscrew eight screws holding the heat sink in place. Disconnect the connector near the RAM. Near the ports, remove the screws and the connector cable, then remove the speaker assembly. Disengage the DC-in board cable from the logic board. Pull the clips on either side of the RAM chips away from the chips. The RAM will spring up. Pull each chip out.

  7. 7

    Remove the four screws holding the ExpressCard cage at the lower right. Remove the cage. Move to the upper right corner and disengage two screws holding the cable in place. Remove the bracket and the cable. Disengage two Torx T6 screws, one on either side of the hinge. There are two on either side, so only remove the outer one on each side. Turn the MacBook Pro over and open the screen to perpendicular with the body. Set the Mac on its side with the ports up. Hold both the screen and body in one hand while unscrewing the final two Torx T6 screws. Push the port end of the MacBook Pro body away from you, then move the top part of the screen away from the body. Take off the screen.

  8. 8

    Lay the MacBook Pro upside down on the work surface and remove the screws securing the trackpad. Lift out the trackpad. To reassemble your MacBook Pro, reverse Steps 1 to 8.

Tips and warnings

  • Do not attempt this procedure unless you are secure in your skill and ability level. This is very complex, and if you want to put your MacBook Pro back together so it works, you need to exercise caution when working inside of it.

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