How to use pictures of the deceased at funerals & wakes

The passing of a loved one marks an extremely difficult period in the lives of the deceased's family and friends, so it makes sense that images of the person be incorporated into the wake or funeral. Use favourite photos of the deceased and those loved by family and close friends. Ask relatives and friends for their favourite photos of the deceased and make copies for collages and similar photo displays where the funeral is being held.

Take photos of the deceased you wish to have enlarged to a camera or print shop. Have one or more photos blown up to poster size as well as 16-by-20 inches, 8-by-10 inches and 5-by-7 inches, depending on preference.

Place the poster-size photo on an easel and next to the coffin or other appropriate area near the front of the church or space where the funeral is being held.

Create a photo gallery area where you are having the wake/funeral. Frame favourite photos of the deceased at special events or doing things he loved, such as photos from graduations, weddings, family events, vacations or of the deceased at his job. Arrange photos on a table, leaving enough room for small photo albums, which you can also fill with images of the deceased with family and friends.

Have a favourite photo of the deceased scanned for use in a funeral/wake card or program. This can most likely be accomplished at the same business where you had photos enlarged.

Give copies of certain photos to florists to work into funeral/wake flower arrangements.


Create a memory quilt of favourite photos by having photos scanned and printed on fabric sheets. Key chains and photo magnets are another option for remembering the deceased and can be given to funeral attendees as mementos.

Things You'll Need

  • Easel
  • Photo frames
  • Photo albums
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