How to adjust the trigger on a tikka t3 lite

The Tikka 3 Lite is a bolt-action hunting rifle manufactured by Sako of Finland. It is available chambered in calibres ranging from .223 Remington to 7-mm Remington magnum. The most popular model is the 30.06 Springfield. The Tikka 3 Lite has a glass-reinforced polymer stock and a 22-7/16-inch cold-hammered barrel with integral scope mounts. Its receiver is also tapped for Weaver scopes. The overall length of the 30.06 model is 40-3/16 inches, and it weighs 2.72 Kilogram. The Tikka 3 Lite trigger pull weight is factory set at 1.36 Kilogram. Trigger pull weight may be user-adjusted to between 0.907 and 1.81 Kilogram.

Open the bolt and make sure the chamber is empty.

Remove the magazine.

Locate the trigger pull adjustment screw hole in the magazine well.

Insert a 2.5-mm Allen wrench into the trigger pull adjustment screw hole.

Turn the Allen wrench counterclockwise to reduce the trigger pull weight. Turn the Allen wrench clockwise to add weight to the trigger pull. Do not attempt to adjust the trigger pull weight below 0.907 Kilogram.

Reinstall the magazine.

Things You'll Need

  • 2.5-mm Allen wrench
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