How to tie a cowboy bandana

Updated April 17, 2017

Throughout history, the bandanna has had many uses. However, none of these has proved quite as iconic - not to mention practical and fashionable at the same time - as the cowboy bandanna. The cowboy bandanna can be used simply as a quirky and statement-making fashion accessory. It can also be used to block sun, sand, wind or fumes. What makes it great, though, is that it can serve those purposes while still remaining quite chic.

Take one corner in your hand. Fold the bandanna in half so that the corner you are holding meets its opposite, forming a triangle.

Drape the bandanna over your shoulders so that the point made by the two matched corners is pointing down your back and the other two points are draped over your shoulders.

Take the two points that are draped over your shoulders in your hands and tie them into a secure square knot. Square knots are simple knots, easy to tie on the fly. With both hands, grasp the two points, and form an "x." Wrap one of the points over the other, just as you would in the first step of tying your shoelaces. Repeat to form a square knot.

Turn the bandanna around on your neck so that the point that was pointing down your back is now pointing down your chest.


For a more European look, you can leave the bandanna pointing down your back and use a scarf slide to hold the loose points in place, so that the bandanna resembles an ascot or a cravat.


Make sure to only tie the bandanna as tight as is comfortable. Do not tie it too tight and risk choking yourself.

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