Ikea Tromso Instructions

Updated March 23, 2017

The Swedish company Ikea is well-known for producing affordable flat pack furniture and household items for user assembly. If you have smaller rooms, it can be advantageous to use space-saving furniture. The Tromso is a loft bed from Ikea which can be installed by two users with basic household tools. The Tromso saves a great deal of space in smaller rooms.

Attach the two end pillars together with the crossbar using the provided bolts. Plug tube stoppers into the base end of each pillar. Slide the assemble into the top bunk end railing. Repeat the process on the other end.

Connect the two ends together with the length bars using the provided bolts in the matching slots. Start with the bar halfway between the desktop level and the bunk. Move on to the bar at the desktop level.

Attach the length railing to the railings at either end using the provided bolts. Do the same on the bed entrance side. Insert plugs in the end of the tubes aligning them so that the screw hole is accessible. Secure them in place with the provided bolts to give secure top joints for the bed railings.

Tighten all bolts on the bed.

Hook the ladder over the bar at the bed entrance. Screw in the provided screws into the brackets to secure the ladder in place. Feed the ladder cord under the stopper of the nearest pillar. Attach the other end to the ladder base.

Attach the middle support bar for the bunk with the provided bolts. Place the two cage bed bases on the support bars. Secure them in place with the provided bolts. Place the mattress on top of the bed base.

Things You'll Need

  • Phillips screwdriver
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