How to authenticate an Omega watch

Updated April 17, 2017

Since 1885, Swiss manufacturer Omega has been producing luxury watches with high-quality standards and artistic workmanship and craftsmanship. Since each Omega watch is manufactured with great attention to detail, counterfeiters of Omega watches cannot match the precision and quality of an authentic product. If you don't want to spend hundreds of dollars for a fake Omega, or you just want to make sure your watch is authentic, there are a few details you can check.

Look at every piece of text on the front and back of the Omega watch. Since reproductions and fakes are often poor in quality, words are not always proofread for accuracy before shipment. Misspelled words, no matter how small an error, are a sure indication that the watch is not authentic.

Check the Omega watch dial for a strong glow and luminosity. Since Omega uses a substance called "LumiNova" on each of its dials, dials on counterfeit watches may emit a faint glow or produce no luminosity at all. To check the luminosity, turn off all the lights and observe the dial's glow.

Examine the face of the watch for dirt or dust trapped underneath the frame or glass. If there is hair, dust or dirt underneath the glass screen, it is because of poor workmanship in counterfeit factories. You can also check the workmanship of the date wheel with your magnifying glass. If the numbers on the date wheel are slightly blurry instead of crisp, the watch is likely not authentic.

Take your Omega watch to an appraiser. The appraiser will have the necessary equipment, and know exactly what to look for in verifying the watch's authenticity. Depending on the appraiser, he may give you a certificate of authenticity with his signature on it.


Purchase your watch from an Omega dealer to ensure you are getting an authentic product.


For purchases online, unless the pictures are very detailed, it is hard to determine whether an Omega watch is authentic. You must be able to see the details clearly on the watch to tell whether it is authentic or counterfeit. Avoid purchasing Omega watches online, and visit your local Omega retailer.

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