How to Fix the Pink Hue Everywhere on a CRT

Updated February 21, 2017

The pink hue on a cathode ray tube (CRT) TV is the result of harmful magnetisation. This magnetisation causes colour purity problems on the display that often appear as pink distortions. The cause of the magnetisation may be a closely placed external device that is creating interference, or it may be an unrelated issue. The set can be demagnetised using either the TV's internal degausser or an external degausser coil. No previous experience with demagnetisation is needed to perform this task.

Turn the TV off, and turn it back on. Check to see if the pink hue display problem persists.

Check for nearby sources that may be creating magnetisation on your TV. High-powered electronics such as computers and speakers are the most likely sources of magnetisation, so move these components as far away from your CRT TV as possible in order to demagnetise the set.

Turn the TV off again if the pink hue problem continues, and leave it off this time. It must be allowed to cool fully before you turn it back on. Cooling time will vary, but you may need to leave your TV off for as long as an hour for it to cool fully.

Turn the TV back on once it has cooled. The internal degausser works to demagnetise your set instantly every time the set is turned off from a full cool-down.

Approach the TV with an external degaussing coil if the pink hue has not been removed by the internal degausser. Ensure the coil is turned on, and place it about an inch from the TV's screen. Begin to wave it in a wide circle, covering the entire screen area of the set. You will see a rainbow colour effect on the screen that will indicate the coil is working.

Take a step back and repeat the waving process with the external degausser coil, again covering the entire screen. Continue gradually moving back and waving the coil until you can no longer see the rainbow effect. The pink hue should now be gone, and your set will be demagnetised.

Things You'll Need

  • External degausser coil
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