"StarCraft" Latency Is Too High: How to Fix It

Updated June 19, 2018

"StarCraft" is a popular PC game created by Blizzard. It is a real-time strategy game that has been credited with starting the gaming movement called e-sports. First it was in South Korea and now it's spread to other parts of the world. Players can compete against each other online using Blizzard's free service, While playing games over, users may experience connectivity and latency issues. Ever since the game was released in 1998, there have been many documented options for dealing with these problems.

Check your IP address online and make sure it is not the same as another player. If the IP addresses are the same, contact your Internet service provider to get multiple IP addresses.

Click the "Start" menu on your Windows Start Bar to check the firewall settings.

Click "Control Panel."

Select "Windows Firewall."

Select "Allow a program or feature through Windows Firewall." Click on any boxes referring to "StarCraft," Blizzard and

Download and update a reliable anti-spyware and antivirus program.

Run the software. Be sure the scan is as thorough as possible.

Fix any problems.

Click the "Control Panel" in the Windows Start Bar and find "Windows Update."

Run and download any recommended updates. Restart your computer and check for more updates.

Repeat until Windows Update does not find any more updates.

Click the "Start" menu in Windows and type "msconfig" into the search bar.

Go to the "Startup" tab and unclick any programs that are not necessary for starting your computer. These include an Internet browser, Windows Update and Adobe Acrobat. These are all programs that you can run when necessary, instead of at start-up.

Click "Apply," then "OK," and restart your computer.

Call your Internet service provider and have them test your connection and send a technician to diagnose any other problems.

Replace your modem and/or router if they are more than 2 years old or if the technician recommends it.

You may need to reinstall Windows. Copy any documents that you do not want to lose to an external hard drive.

Insert your Windows install disc into your disc drive.

Restart your computer. If your computer boots up normally, restart again and repeatedly press "F8" until a boot menu appears. Click on the "Booting From Disc" option.

Select the "Custom" option.

Select the hard drive where you want to install Windows. If you have multiple hard drives or multiple partitions, it may be a good time to format these as well to delete malware.

Select the "Format" option. If you cannot find this, look for "Show More Options" and "Format" should appear. Repeat this process for any additional hard drives and delete any partitions.

Allow Windows to install on your hard drive after formatting. At this point, all stored information should be deleted from your hard drives and partitions.

Follow all of the prompts during the installation process. Be sure to have your Windows retail key ready. Register your copy of Windows.

Use Windows Update to install updates.

Reinstall your backed up documents, as well as any games, including "StarCraft."


You can also unplug your modem and router, wait a few seconds, and plug them back in to fix latency issues. Do not do this in the middle of a game -- it will cause you to disconnect from If you continue to have latency issues, it could mean that you need a new modem or router.


Before formatting a hard drive, be sure all of your important data is safely backed up in another space.

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