How to Get Rid of Burned Images on a Plasma

Updated February 21, 2017

Plasma televisions are susceptible to the "burned image" effect. An image may become "burned in" to the screen, resulting in an unsightly after-shadow that degrades the quality viewing experience you expect. Fortunately, a number of techniques are available to reduce and even eradicate a burnt-in image on a plasma TV screen. It's also possible that your TV has some built-in tools to assist you. No prior TV repair experience or special tools are needed for this project.

Power down your plasma television as soon as you notice a burnt-in image on the screen. Allow the unit to cool. Leave the television off for at least 30 minutes to allow for adequate cooling. Place your hand on the TV to confirm that the television has cooled.

Turn the plasma television back on and look at the screen to see if the burnt-in image is still present. If it is, continue on to the next step.

Change the channel on your plasma TV to view other programming. This programming cannot be related to what you were watching when the image burnt in and must not redisplay the image that caused the initial problem. Allow this programming to play for at least an hour, making sure the images on the screen are fast-moving and continually changing to prevent further burn-in. After an hour, check the screen. The burn-in effect may have faded away.

Create static as a more effective alternative to erasing burn-in. Disconnect the black coaxial cable from the "ANT IN" port on the back of the cable or satellite receiver. This disconnection will cause fast moving, black and white static or "snow" to fill the plasma TV's screen. Allow this static to display for several hours to help erase the burnt-in image.

Bring up the menu on your plasma television. Most plasma TVs provide options for correcting a burnt-in image. Look for an option such as "All White" or "Screen Wipe" on the menu and select it. A special screen will appear on the TV. Let this program run its course for at least an hour. You will be notified when the process is complete, or you may choose "Cancel" to end the corrective activity. If this option is allowed to cycle through to completion, the burnt-in image on your screen should disappear.


Prevent future burn-in by decreasing the "Brightness" setting on the plasma TV through the menu settings. A plasma television is less likely to suffer from burn-in after it has been in use for at least six months.

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