How to Arrange Finger Sandwiches

Updated February 21, 2017

Create an attractive appetizer tray of flavourful finger sandwiches. Since you first take in food with your eyes, artful arrangement is critical to the enjoyment of these tiny treats. Finger sandwiches are a type of tea sandwich cut into long rectangles, resembling fingers. Use your favourite recipe to prepare these tiny, crustless treats. Most finger sandwiches use spread for the filling instead of sliced meats and cheeses. Pimiento cheese, ham spread or chicken salad are all possible fillings for finger sandwiches.

Stack the 8-inch cake stand on top of the 12-inch cake stand to create a tiered finger sandwich serving tray.

Fill the crystal bowl halfway with water and float the flower blossoms in the middle.

Center the bowl in the middle of the top cake stand.

Place a layer of finger sandwiches along the outer edge of the larger cake platter with their shorter ends pointing toward the centre of the cake stand. Alternate the finger sandwiches so there is a wheat bread sandwich between two white bread sandwiches.

Repeat arranging alternating bread types of finger sandwiches on the top tier, with the shortest ends of the sandwiches toward the flower bowl in the centre. Serve immediately.

Things You'll Need

  • 8-inch footed cake stand
  • 12-inch footed cake stand
  • Decorative 4-inch crystal bowl
  • Flower blossoms
  • Finger sandwiches on white bread
  • Finger sandwiches on wheat or pumpernickel bread
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