How to Get Rid of a Badger

Updated July 20, 2017

Badgers are nocturnal carnivorous mammals that live across North America from the West Coast to Indiana and Oklahoma. They tend to prefer open spaces like prairies, plains and farms. Badgers can be a nuisance when they enter human territory. They burrow holes in the land to build their dens and latrines, and to hunt for small creatures such as rats, mice and gophers. They may also raid dustbins. Badgers are territorial and can act aggressively when caught off guard. If you are being bothered by a badger, there are things you can do to get rid of it.

Look for signs of a badger's presence. Badgers are territorial. They are nocturnal and you not be seen during the day. The badger's burrowing leaves mounds of earth and holes in the ground. You may hear hissing and growling in the night if a badger is provoked. They have a musky smell but bury their droppings in the ground.

Build or repair fences. Strong wooden fences with heavy wire mesh can keep a badger out. Badgers favour familiar pathways, so you should repair any holes in your existing fence. Remember that badgers burrow. Your fence should extend below ground to keep badgers away.

Install an electric fence. This can deter a badger from re-entering your land and can be cheaper than building a wooden fence. You can remove it when the badger is gone.

Secure dustbin lids with elasticated straps. Badgers hunt for rodents, so keep rodents at bay by keeping the lid on your trash. You can buy these straps in bicycle and car accessory stores.

Contact a pest controller. If you can't get rid of a badger on your own, you may need professional assistance. Local pest controllers are listed in the yellow pages.


Badgers are wild animals with sharp claws and teeth. Be careful when approaching them. Be patient. A badger may choose to leave of its own accord.

Things You'll Need

  • Wooden fencing
  • Electric fencing
  • Elasticated straps
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