How Do I Replace the Screen on a Sony Bravia KDL-26S3000 26-Inch LCD Television?

Updated February 21, 2017

The Sony Bravia KDL-26S3000 television features a 26-inch, flat panel, LCD (liquid crystal display) TV, but this screen can sometimes be damaged or malfunction to a point that replacement is necessary. Replacement is an involved process that involves operating on the rear of the television to free up the Sony Bravia TV's front display panel, but fortunately you can perform this operation without assistance even if you don't possess any previous experience with television repair.

Lay a towel down where you plan on operating on the Sony Bravia TV. Turn the television carefully face down onto the towel. You will need to access the rear of the TV before you can remove the screen.

Remove the back cover of the television. There are a number of screws that extend around the perimeter of this cover. Remove them using a Phillips screwdriver. You will use this screwdriver to remove all the screws on the Sony Bravia TV.

Pry the rear cover gently off.

Check the very bottom centre of the exposed rear of the TV. A thin horizontal bracket lies here. Remove the screws along this bracket, and take the bracket out.

Look to the exact centre of the television. There is a black wire here. This is the TV's black earth wire. It's held in place by one screw. Remove it.

Check the bottom right of the black earth wire. A yellow and green earth wire will be here. Remove the screw holding it in place.

Take out the Sony Bravia KDL-26S3000's line filter PWB. This piece lies between the two earth wires and can be removed by taking out its two screws and pulling gently upward on its edge.

Find the square audio PWB part at the bottom centre of the Sony Bravia TV. There will be a number of cables that connect into connectors on the top of the audio PWB piece. Disconnect these cables.

Remove the screws from the audio PWB piece, then gently pull the part out.

Remove the display interface PWB. This piece exists to the left of where the audio PWB was placed. Remove the screws from this piece, and pull it up and out.

Look directly below where you removed the display and audio PWBs and find the Bravia's chassis base. Remove both its screws and pull it out.

Remove the Sony Bravia KDL-26S3000 TV's back frame brackets. These extend from top to bottom across the back of the device, and each bracket is held in place at its ends with screws. Remove the screws and pull the brackets up and out.

Find the Sony TV's upper bracket, which runs horizontal across the top of the TV. Take out both the screws that hold the upper bracket in place, but do not attempt to remove the bracket yet.

Remove the Sony's upper glass holder. This holder partially holds the upper bracket in place. Take out the screws holding the glass holder in place, then remove it.

Take out the upper bracket now that it is free from the glass holder.

Stand the Sony Bravia KDL-26S3000 TV upright gently, then pry off the front panel that runs around the actual screen carefully.

Replace the screen. The screen can be accessed and slid out for replacement now that the front panel is removed. Ensure the wires running into the connectors on the back of the screen are removed before attempting to pull out the screen.

Things You'll Need

  • Towel
  • Phillips screwdriver
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