How to Plant Hornwort in My Pond

Hornwort, Ceratophyllum demersum, is also called coon tail and common hornwort. This aquatic plant is used in both aquariums and ponds. Hornwort is a submersed plant or what is commonly known as an oxygenating plant. These plants add oxygen to the water and typically reduce the amount of algae present. The plant produces a number of side shoots that become a single bushy plant. This creates an area for fish to hide and breed. Hornwort grows freely and is tolerant of a wide variety of conditions.

Push hornwort plants into the gravel or soil on the bottom of the pond just deep enough to hold the plant in place. Hornwort is rootless.

Hold the hornwort at the bottom of the pond and cover it with gravel or soil to plant it. Select locations with full sun to partial shade.

Place the hornwort plant beneath water in the pond to grow freely without being anchored to the bottom.

Attach the hornwort plant with a rubber band to a rock, sinker or some other heavy object and then drop the plant in the location where you want it.

Things You'll Need

  • Rubber band (optional)
  • Rock (optional)
  • Sinker (optional)
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