How to Convert Graphics In PES for Embroidery

Updated July 20, 2017

If you have a Brother, Bernina or Babylock embroidery machine, you require PES files for stitching out designs. Converting a graphic into PES format for embroidery often requires trial and error. Many times, digitising success depends on the conversion software you choose. If digitising software did not come with your machine, you will need to purchase a program if you want to create your own designs or digitise logos that you might put on hats and shirts. This allows you to create graphics on your computer, then convert them into stitch files your machine can read.

Open the graphic in your graphics software and size approximately to the desired size you want to embroider.

Highlight the selected graphic to be sure it is in RGB format, not CMYK. If it is in CMYK, simply select to change it to RGB while still highlighted.

Save file as a vector image. In Corel, this is shortened to SVG. Refer to your software's user manual if you are not certain about your particular digitising program.

Close the graphics editing software.

Open the digitising software.

Open the vector image you want to digitise in the digitising software.

Select the fabric type on which you plan to embroider the design.

Examine the thread colours to be certain they are appropriately distributed. If they are not, refer to your digitising manual for specifics on how to adjust them. In Corel's Wings program, it is as easy as dragging and dropping colour icons.

Complete the digitising process by selecting "finish" or "complete."

Save the digitised image as a PES file onto a flash drive, then close the program. Your design is ready to embroider.


Start digitising graphics with only one or two colours. They are easiest to digitise. Check with a local embroidery machine dealer to see if they offer digitising classes. Sometimes these are even offered free of charge. If your image looks strange in the digitising software, be sure you used RGB colours and a vector graphic. Save your PES files in a uniform fashion so you can easily determine what it is. Back up your PES files on an extra flash drive. Some embroidery manufacturers sell their own digitising software specific to their file requirements (like PES). Others, like Corel, allow the digitizer to create files for a number of sewing machines that use different file requirements (like PES, SEW, HUS)

Things You'll Need

  • Graphic design
  • Graphics software
  • Digitising software
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