How to Control Overactive Bowels

If you have overactive bowels or irritable bowel syndrome, it is important to learn how to control it. It can be very embarrassing to suddenly feel an urgent need to go and not been in a position where you can easily find a bathroom. By finding what triggers your overactive bowels or IBS, you can begin to take back control over your bodily functions and feel free enough to go back to enjoying the activities you love.

Keep a log of the food you eat. Certain foods can trigger episodes of overactive bowel or IBS. Log all of the food you eat and pay attention to your symptoms. Narrow down the foods until you find the food trigger. This will help you know what foods to avoid.

Remove stressors from your life. IBS and overactive bowels can also be triggered by stress. If you have an upcoming situation that you know will be stressful, either try to avoid taking part, or practice stress-relieving techniques beforehand.

Pay attention to your hormonal cycles. Women with IBS frequently notice that during their monthly periods the disorder is worse. Those who have hormonal imbalances may also notice that they have overactive bowels. Talk with your doctor and have your hormone levels checked. If they are out of whack, your doctor can prescribe a supplement to help regulate your hormones.

Bring anti-diarrhoea medication with you when you go out. If you will be going out to a dinner and you will not be able to avoid your food triggers, consider taking an anti-diarrhoea medication with you. Talk to your doctor before taking over-the-counter medications and see if they have any recommendations to help you control isolated incidents.

Increase the amount of fibre in your diet. Overactive bowels and IBS can be irritated by a lack of fibre and this can also lead to embarrassing leakage. The National Fiber Council recommends that we eat 32 grams of fibre per day. This will help bulk up your stools and reduce the potential for leakage.

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